7 Problems with Hydrangea in Pots & How to Fix

Plant Hydrangeas

Hydrangea in pots can look very appealing since they grow and flower to consume the entire flower pot. But, when they are not being looked after and cared for, the pot will seem empty with a hydrangea in poor health.  You can encounter many problems with hydrangea in pots. It could be yellow/brown foliage, droopy … Read more

7 Reasons For Ginger Leaves Turning Brown + Solutions

Ginger Leaves Turning Brown

Ginger leaves are long green and taper towards the top end. But, if ginger leaves start turning brown it means that conditions are not ideal. Reasons for ginger leaves turning brown include Lack of water, Excessive sunlight, Overwatering, High and low temperatures, Humidity, Lack of nutrients, and Diseases. Ideal Growing Conditions For Ginger Growing ginger … Read more

Are Alyssum Deer-Resistant plants?

Bees Like Alyssum

If you live in deer-prone areas, you would be familiar with the destruction these animals can do to the garden. So, when someone suggests planting alyssum because of their appealing scent and flowers, you’ll instinctively ask “are alyssum deer-resistant?”  Yes, alyssum are deer-resistant plants! Perhaps this is due to the unappetizing taste of alyssum flowers, … Read more

Will Alyssum Grow In Shade?

Alyssum In Pots

Looking for a low-maintenance plant to fill up your garden and beautify it? The alyssum plant automatically comes to mind. Not only is it easy to grow, but it also has a dense display of scented flowers. In case, you don’t have much sun in your garden, you’ll want to know if alyssum will grow … Read more

Are Alyssum Flowers Edible?

Water Alyssum

Yes, alyssum flowers are edible. Many people might not guess that alyssum plants are edible since they don’t look like mint or any edible plant.  When tasting alyssum flowers for the first time, the experience will be quite shocking! They are spicy and peppery but have an appealing smell.  Why is My Alyssum Dying? Reasons … Read more

How Much Sun Do Alyssum Need? Alyssums like Sun or Shade

Alyssum In Pots

If you live in a cloudy place with very little sun, alyssum might not be the best plant for you to grow! Alyssum grows and flowers best with 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day. However, excessive exposure to the sun in hot and drought conditions can be too much sun for an alyssum … Read more

Is Alyssum Poisonous To Humans? What about Cats, Dogs, or Horses?

Alyssum Dying

Imagine suddenly falling ill after buying a new plant. It can happen if the plant is poisonous or if you have an allergy to it. So, if you are looking to buy alyssum, it’s realistic to ask, is alyssum poisonous to humans and Pets like dogs or cats? Alyssum is not poisonous to humans, cats, and … Read more

8 Good Companion Plants for Alyssum and 3 Plants to Avoid

Water Alyssum

Companion planting has been practiced for decades. Not just in the garden but in farm fields as well. It has many benefits to your garden and to the plants growing within it. But, what are the best Companion Plants For Alyssum? The best companion plants for alyssum are lettuce, tomato, roses, potatoes, carrots, peas, peppers, and … Read more

Do Alyssum plants Grow Back Every Year?

Alyssum In Pots

Alyssum plants are great flowering plants for as long as they last. Having to plant them, again and again, to grow back every year is a tiresome task that everyone wants to avoid!  The good news is that few alyssums who are self-seeding annuals grow new plants every year. The other are perennial plants that … Read more

Are Alyssum Perennials?

Water Alyssum

If you are growing alyssum flowers, you will want to know what their characteristics are. Are alyssum perennials or annuals? Knowing this vital information will help you to prepare your garden to make it look colorful throughout the year!  Actually, Alyssum plants can be perennials and annuals as the conditions favor them. In Mild winters … Read more