15 Best Blue Hydrangea Varieties and How to Choose between them?

Blue Hydrangea

Blue hydrangeas can brighten up any garden. Not surprisingly, they are in a lot of demand. Here is everything you need to know about blue hydrangea varieties and how to choose hydrangeas best for your garden. Endless Summer original hydrangea Endless Summer hydrangea is one of the best blue varieties to plant in your garden … Read more

Tips to Grow Hydrangeas under Pine Trees?


There are very few plants that can grow under trees that have a dense shade. If you are planning to grow hydrangeas under pine tree, you might wonder if your hydrangea will grow healthy. Hydrangeas can grow under pine trees under optimal conditions. The Pine canopy should not be too thick and provide dappled sunlight … Read more

Why is your Hydrangea not Flowering?


Hydrangeas are eye-catching plants with flowers that range from blue to purple to lavender to pink. Some varieties also have white or green blooms. Thus, it can be disappointing if your hydrangea does not bloom at all. Here are a few reasons why your Hydrangea is not flowering. Frost damage When you plant a hydrangea … Read more

Why is my Hydrangea Flowers Turning Green?

Hydrangea Flowers turning green

Hydrangea plants come in a lot of pretty colors like blue, pink, lavender, and cream. So, it can be a bit off-putting to see your hydrangea with green flowers. Here are a few reasons why your colorful hydrangea flowers might start turning green. #1. The life cycle of hydrangeas One of the most common reasons … Read more

Hydrangea Transplant Shock and How to Reduce Damage


Plants have been designed to stay in one place their entire lives. So, transplanting hydrangea is bound to cause some problems, and transplant shock is inevitable. How to reduce transplant shock for Hydrangea? There are some things you can do to reduce the transplant shock that a plant experiences. #1. Don’t damage the root system … Read more

Why are my Hydrangea Leaves Turning Black? [With Solutions]

Hydrangea Leaves Turning Black

Hydrangeas are shrubs that grow very pretty flowers with great aesthetic value. This sight can be ruined by the presence of black leaves. Let us look at the reasons why Hydrangea Leaves would be Turning Black. Fungal diseases The hydrangea leaves are affected by a lot of fungal diseases. Below are the major diseases that … Read more