Can Azalea Bushes Be Cut Back

Do Azalea Bushes Have Thorns?

It is not uncommon for a flowering garden plant to have thorns! But anyone would be eager to learn if azalea bushes have thorns.  Azalea bushes do not have thorns at all. They do not have any sharp structures projecting from their stems. Instead, they may grow to develop certain bark characteristics as they age. …

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Azalea Stay Green in Winter

Do Azalea Stay Green In Winter?

Winter is usually denoted by a dull appearance of bare branches and trees in the garden. But, if your garden is adorned by several azalea bushes, you could have color even during winter. The leaves of Evergreen azalea bushes stay green during winter. But, the leaves of deciduous azalea bushes won’t stay green. They are …

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Azaleas Turning Yellow

Do Azaleas Grow Back?

Azaleas are plants that can live for a long time. But, that’s assuming you look after them so that they grow back every year! Evergreen azaleas grow back every year. Other azaleas can also grow back if you offer them rejuvenating pruning in late winter or early spring. There are a few factors that decide …

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