Where to Plant Agapanthus

Why Are Agapanthus So Expensive?

Agapanthus plants are by no means unattractive plants. Every part of these plants can be uniquely distinguished from your typical garden plants. But, be warned they don’t come cheap!  Agapanthus can be expensive because of their foliage and flower appearance, maturity, form (seeds/live plants), tolerance to sun and heat, and genetic enhancements. If you are …

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Agapanthus Flowers Flop

Why Do Agapanthus Flowers Flop?

Agapanthus flowers are a lovely little bouquet of individual bluish violet or white flowers. That’s when they are open and upright! But if the agapanthus flowers flop, it creates a question about what went wrong?  Often Agapanthus flowers flop due to water availability, soil quality, genetic modification (larger flower heads), or weather conditions.  Reasons Why …

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